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We focus on cutting-edge industries that are driving innovation and shaping the future. 


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About Us

At Rosebud Dubai, we have developed an expertise in structuring complex financial transactions, such as M&A's and recapitalizations, enabling our ability to navigate intricate deal structures and create optimal capital strategies for our investments.

Through our vast network of industry connections, our firm offers access to a wide range of resources including top talent, industry expertise, and market insights, to further bolster the success of our portfolio companies.

Our Team

Meet Our Founders


Entrepreneurial, visionary, investors, Timothy Cherotti and Sandhira Singh

Timothy Cherotti


Timothy Cherotti is a serial entrepreneur, founder, and investor who has a pedigree of identifying unrealized potential, building operational value and monetization.

Timothy Cherotti

Sandhira Singh


Sandhira Singh has been an advisor and General Partner to Rosebud Ventures since early 2020. Upon her genesis at Rosebud, she directed the firm's first investment allocation strategy into the commodities market by developing procurement opportunities of African sourced gold and oil.

Sandhira Singh