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Rosebud Dubai is a provider of strategic investment solutions across diversified asset classes. We specialize in partnering with exceptional founders to unlock their full potential and drive long-term value creation.

We utilize a proactive and innovative approach to investment strategy with an emphasis on being founder focused. Our team of seasoned entrepreneurs brings extensive industry knowledge, market insights, and a passion for identifying lucrative opportunities. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on maximizing returns, we strive to deliver superior outcomes for both our investors and founders.

Our approach


Our team at Rosebud Dubai believes that successful investments are built on a foundation of trust, collaboration, ethics, and shared goals. Our partners work closely with founders, management teams, and our investors, to develop customized strategies that align with their vision and objectives. By combining our expertise with their industry insights, we create value-enhancing initiatives that drive growth and operational excellence. We truly believe that the success of our firm is dependent on a strong hands-on relationship with our founders, to create a partnership of certitude, unity, and paralleled purpose. 

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Our expertise


At Rosebud Dubai, we have a diverse range of expertise across various sectors including technology, Health-tech, Biotech, AI, Geospatial software, and more. Our team’s vast industry knowledge allows us to identify emerging trends, untapped markets, and disruptive innovations that present compelling investment opportunities for our Limited Partners. With a global footprint and cultivated network of strategic partners, we have the resources and insights to capitalize on these opportunities and deliver consistent results.

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Investing in a variety of sectors across the market

Our team is passionate about supporting innovative entrepreneurs who are disrupting industries and creating new solutions that have the potential to change the world. 

We invest in the following areas: 


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The Benefits

our advantages

Rosebud Dubai excels in conducting rigorous due diligence, assessing the financial health potential target companies, and formulating strategic plans to enhance performance. Rosebud also possesses strong operational capabilities that provide valuable guidance and hands-on engagement to our portfolio companies, with the objective to drive revenue, optimize efficiency, and foster growth.

Transaction types
Control investments in leveraged acquisition, recapitalization, build-up and growth transactions.
Investment Size

Typically between $2 million and $75 million in each portfolio company with the ability to invest additional equity capital via co-investment from our limited partners.

Company size

Low to mid-market early-stage companies with valuation of $30 million-$500 million. 

Business Attributes

We focus on businesses with a proven business model, strong competitive position, favorable growth prospects, strong value proposition, significant recurring revenue base, strong margins, free cash flow generation, clear value creation opportunities, and reasonable valuations.

Our Team

Meet Our Founders


Entrepreneurial, visionary, investors, Timothy Cherotti and Sandhira Singh.

Timothy Cherotti


Timothy Cherotti is a serial entrepreneur, founder, and investor who has a pedigree of identifying unrealized potential, building operational value and monetization.

Timothy Cherotti

Sandhira Singh


Sandhira Singh has been an advisor and General Partner to Rosebud Ventures since early 2020. Upon her genesis at Rosebud, she directed the firm's first investment allocation strategy into the commodities market by developing procurement opportunities of African sourced gold and oil.

Sandhira Singh

what we support


We believe in the importance of giving back to our communities and uplifting the well being of others without expecting anything in return. We support the following organizations:

Here are some of the foundations and charities we work with:

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All investment carries a risk of loss. We cannot and do not guarantee your success in any business ventures. Also, Rosebud Dubai may or may not be the right private equity firm for you, and you may not be a good fit for us. But there’s only one way to find out: reach out to us and say hello. Tell us about yourself, and your business.